Excellent performance and equipment construction of roof rail type window cleaning machine

- Nov 15, 2018-

The entire mechanism of the roof rail type window cleaner is usually mounted on a chassis that can travel on a horizontal track, and the movement of the walking chassis completes the horizontal operation of the entire window cleaner. This type of window cleaner is generally installed on a roof with a small slope and is relatively independent of the building.


Because the mechanism of lifting, turning and hoisting of the window cleaning machine is flexible and diverse, the roof rail type window cleaning machine can meet the requirements of most buildings. As long as the space and the allowable load of the building roof are reserved, the arm length can be A few meters to tens of meters, because the weight increases with the growth of the arm, the weight of the whole machine also varies from 2 to 3 tons to several tens of tons. Therefore, in the design of the building structure, the concentrated load of the window cleaning machine should be considered. The influence of the structure, the necessary load-bearing beams and columns and other structures are added to meet the necessary conditions for installing the window cleaning machine.


The rail system is connected to the building structure, and the gauge distance is generally 0.8-2.0 m. The two rails can be arranged in one plane or not in one plane. After the foundation is completed, all the embedded steel plates are adjusted to the same plane by adjusting the nuts on the embedded bolts. After the secondary grout fills the gaps, the embedded steel plates are fixed, and the rails are fixed on the embedded steel plates by rail joints.http://www.chinagondola.com/