Emergency rescue of BMU operation

- Sep 16, 2019-

Appropriate emergency rescue measures should be in place before operating the BMU(including the gondola). When a single platform and a single chair are operated, another operator (guardian) should pay attention to the status of the platform operator through regular contact.

When an operator of a single platform or seat experiences discomfort or a mechanical or electrical failure occurs on the platform, the guardian shall initiate a scheduled emergency rescue plan, which may include the following measures:

a) use special remote controls or other devices;

b) contact the emergency service unit;

c) using rope approaching technology;

d) Use a backup suspension platform.

Note: This item is not comprehensive and there may be other things to be aware of.

Operation in the event of a malfunction or emergency:

The BMU may malfunction or other unpredictable emergencies during operation, and the inspector must fully understand the various possible failures.

When an emergency occurs in the window cleaning machine, the following operations should be performed:

1) Immediately press the emergency stop button;

2) promptly notify the machine monitoring personnel by telephone or walkie-talkie and notify the phenomenon;

3) It is forbidden to start the machine at will and avoid major injuries;

4) After identifying and handling the fault, turn the emergency stop button clockwise, and the platform will resume power supply to continue working.