Emergency handling in platform operations

- Apr 06, 2019-

Sometimes there are some emergencies in the operation. At this time, the operator must first calm down, then take reasonable and effective emergency measures, decisively eliminate or resolve the danger, and do not panic, delay the time of danger, and cause unnecessary losses.

1. Sudden power failure during operation

When the power is suddenly turned off during operation, the power switch of the electrical control box should be cut off immediately to prevent accidents during incoming calls. After the call signal is received, the power switch is turned on and the work is started after the check is normal.

If you need to return to the ground after power failure, the two people work closely with the hoist to synchronize the downhill. If the hoisting speed of the two hoists is not synchronized, the platform will tilt and the safety wire rope will be locked by the anti-roll lock.

2. The control button fails during the ascending and descending of the platform

When the platform is lifted and cannot be stopped after releasing the button, immediately press the red emergency stop button on the electric control box to make the platform stop urgently. Then cut off the power switch of the electrical control box, check the contact condition of the contactor, and clean the surface of the contactor with oil impurities. After troubleshooting, close the power switch and rotate the emergency stop switch to return to its original position and continue working. If the fault still cannot be eliminated, the power switch should be cut off and the platform should be slipped down to the ground for maintenance.

3. The platform automatically locks the rope due to the horizontal tilt

The anti-roll safety lock automatically locks the rope when the platform is tilted horizontally to a certain extent during the lifting process due to one end sliding down. At this point, stop immediately, then turn the transfer switch on the electrical control box to the lower end of the platform, and then press the up button to raise the platform to the restored horizontal position. After the anti-roll safety lock automatically resumes the unlocking state, lower the platform to the ground, check whether the electromagnetic brake clearance in the hoist at both ends meets the requirements, or check whether there is a difference in the motor speed between the two ends. If there is a difference, the motor should be replaced. Make the two machines rotate at the same speed

4. The working wire rope is jammed in the hoist due to loose strands and kinks

When the working wire rope is jammed in the hoist, it should be stopped. It is strictly forbidden to repeatedly lift and forcibly release. In the case of ensuring safety, the personnel on the platform are evacuated and the maintenance workers are sent to the platform for maintenance. First, the safety wire rope is wound around the two-end hoist mounting frame, and the safety wire rope is fastened with a rope buckle. Then, loosen the protection ring of the support roller on the anti-tilt safety lock arm of both ends, and disengage the working wire rope from the support roller, so that the anti-tilt safety locks at both ends are in the state of the lock rope. After taking the above safety measures, remove the hoist inspection and exit the wire rope of the jam. If necessary, cut off the faulty wire rope, open the lifting cover for inspection, and carefully remove the wire rope left in the hoist. At the same time, replace the new steel wire rope of the same type in the corresponding position of the suspension mechanism. After the reinstallation, lift the platform to a height of about 0.5 m, remove the rope buckle on the safety wire rope, place the safety wire rope in the hanging position, and then hang the rope. Theplatform is lowered to the ground and can be used after maintenance.

5. One end working wire rope breaks, anti-roll safety lock locks safety wire rope

If the working wire rope at one end is broken due to accident, the platform is tilted, and the anti-tip safety lock locks the safety wire rope, the working wire rope can be jammed in the lifting machine to eliminate the fault. During the troubleshooting process, the anti-roll safety lock must be protected from excessive shock and interference to prevent the fall platform from falling due to failure of the anti-roll safety lock.www.chinagondola.com