Do you know the composition of the basket accessories hoist

- Mar 20, 2019-

The composition of the basket accessory hoist is such that a fourth bearing is arranged in the bearing cavity of the box body, and the wire rope in the reel carrier is pressed into the in-line disc carrier through a pressing wheel, and the pressing wheel is mounted on the On the pressure roller frame, a slider is fixed on the pressure roller frame, and a slider slot is arranged on the upper part of the box body.


A plurality of cylindrical pins are mounted on the pendulum ring, and each of the cylindrical pins is provided with a fourth bearing, and a plurality of bearing cavities for the fourth bearing are correspondingly arranged on the box body, and a plurality of fourth bearings are embedded in the box body. The plurality of bearing cavities; the ring gear is integrally connected with the reel gear frame by bolts, the inner ring gear and the swing ring constitute a movable tooth and a tooth difference deceleration mechanism, and the wire rope is arranged in the groove of the wire disc gear frame, and the box body is provided with a Bearing cavity.


The slider is disposed in the slider slot, and a pressing bolt is fixed on the top of the box body, and the pressing bolt protrudes into the slot of the slider, and a pressing spring is mounted in the sliding slot, and one end of the pressing spring abuts against the pressing bolt The other end of the ring is abutted on the slider; the inner ring gear is connected with a centrifugal lock through a pin shaft, and a limit column for limiting the position of the wire rope is fixed on the cover, and the cover is provided with a guide for guiding the wire rope into and out of the box. The guide and the cover are integrally formed in one time, and a guide for the wire rope is fixed on the box near the pressure