Disposal of broken wire rope in platform

- Aug 12, 2020-

The wire rope and walking trolley in the electric gondola are assembled. When there are broken wires at the end of the electric gondola wire rope or around it, although the number is small, the stress in this part is very high, which is caused by the imprecise installation of the rope end. , The cause of the damage should be ascertained. If the rope is long, cut off the broken wire and install it from the beginning.

In some places of use, fatigue damage is an important reason for the damage of the electric gondola wire rope, and the broken wire will only appear after a period of use. When the number of broken wires gradually increases and the cutoff becomes shorter and shorter, in order to judge the growth rate of broken wires, you should carefully check and record the growth of broken wires. Use this record to determine the date when the electric gondola wire rope will be scrapped in the future.