Detailed design of the reel of BMU Accessories

- Oct 26, 2018-

As a window cleaning machine accessory, the reel must be scientifically and rationally designed. For example, the reel should be installed reliably and flexibly. If it is a drum reel, it should be opened and designed as a multi-layer coil. A pressure roller or other similar device pressed against the reel to prevent the wire rope from coming off the reel.


For multi-layer wound reels of window cleaning machine accessories, when the basket is at the highest position, the height of the two sides of the reel should exceed the outermost steel cord, and its height should not be less than 2.5 times the diameter of the rope. The fixing device on the reel should be safe and reliable, and easy to check. When the gondolas reach the lowest position, the number of safety ropes on the reel should not be less than 3 laps. Under the condition of retaining 3 laps, it should be able to withstand 1.25. The rated tension of the wire rope.


In order to ensure the safety during the operation of the window cleaning machine, it is necessary to set the anti-loose device of the wire rope. When the wire rope is slack, chaotic, or broken, the reel which is the accessory of the window cleaning machine should stop rotating immediately. Moreover, the wire ropes should be arranged neatly on the reel. When the wire rope is wound into or around the reel, the angle of the spiral groove should not be greater than 4° from the vertical plane of the reel axis; The reel should not be larger than 2°. If it is greater than 2°, the rope arranging mechanism should be set.


According to the relevant standards, the minimum winding diameter of the window roller of the window cleaning machine is 19 times the diameter of the wire rope; however, when the cable core wire rope is used, the diameter of the drum is not less than 22 times the diameter of the wire rope, so that it can be sufficiently withstand. The role of the wire rope.