Design of track system structure for the BMU accessories

- Dec 25, 2018-

In the process of using the window cleaning machine, it is mainly connected with the structure of the building and the system of the track. Under normal circumstances, the gauge distance is about 0.6 meters. The track can be used as the BMU accessories during the design process. It is also possible to be in a plane or not in a plane.


The rail system of the BMU accessories is directly composed of three parts: the connecting piece, the base and the rail. The equipment can effectively cast the window cleaning machine base before the structure is capped. The height of the base in the equipment should be higher than the roof surface. The layer is 70 cm. After the construction is completed, the pedestal needs to effectively adjust all the pre-embedded steel plates to the same plane by adjusting the nuts on the embedded bolts. After the secondary grouting can fill the gaps, the embedded steel plates are fixed, and finally The rail fixing plate is pre-buried using a rail connecting plate.


When the track of the BMU accessories is in the outer interface of the base, it should be welded in time with the broken joint. The length of the track should be lap welded to a length of not less than 200 mm, the width should not be less than the track width, and the thickness of the equipment should not be less than 12 mm galvanized steel. Of course, the support points should not be too dense, and the spacing of the equipment should not be less than about 1.5 meters. The support points of the two can be simplified into simple beams when considering the maximum load. When using, the weight of each part of the equipment,the lateral force and the force caused by the wind load should be