Design of the restraint system for window cleaner accessories

- Feb 25, 2019-

When the window cleaner is used in outdoor areas affected by wind and the working height is greater than 40m, the restraint system should be installed or restricted. The general form of such window cleaner accessories is a mullion integral with the façade; or a hanging wire rope restraint.

The vertical rail restraint system of the window cleaner should be designed to facilitate the attachment and separation of the restraining devices. In the event of an emergency, there should be measures to allow the operator on the window cleaner to separate it from the vertical rail at any location without the use of tools.


In the working process of the window cleaning machine, the design of the wire rope restraint system of the window cleaning machine accessories should meet the following conditions. The lowermost constraining layer should be 40m below the natural ground; the constraining point spacing above 40m should be no more than 20m; when the building is designed as a stepped façade, the maximum height of the plane to the first constraining layer should be no more than 20m.


The restraint system shall be designed so that it does not cause any damage to the wire rope during connection or separation or work. The design of the restraint system shall limit the maximum displacement of the lateral swing of the gondola to 4 m and the longitudinal swing not to exceed 40% of the length of the window