Design basis and precautions for window cleaning machine accessories

- Dec 06, 2018-

The pedestal is used as a window cleaning machine accessory. Although it is inconspicuous, it has a decisive effect. Consider the weight of each part of the window cleaning machine, the weight of the plunger, the lateral force caused by the operation, and the force caused by the wind load. Position as close as possible to the parapet wall to reduce the cantilever length of the plunger;


The window cleaning machine fittings must have sufficient height. The space occupied by the building decoration should be fully considered to prevent the gondolas from colliding with the building when retracting the roof; try to combine the building structure with the foundation on the structural beam or thicker floor. In order to reduce the impact of the plunger load on the roof structure, it is also necessary to fully consider the self-weight of the plunger to facilitate the installation and manual displacement of the plunger.


In the case of a slide type window cleaning machine, it is generally an aluminum alloy structure with a weight of only a few hundred kilograms, so most of the machine is manual, and only a few are electric. According to the sky-curtain type slide window cleaning machine, it can be divided into two types: the round sky screen and the strip sky screen. The window cleaning machine accessories are also different.


Cleaning the circular canopy generally installs a rotating shaft at the top of the skylight, and a circular orbit is installed at the bottom end. When walking, the window cleaning machine performs circular motion along the track; the window cleaning machine for cleaning the strip canopy is on both sides of the opening. Each of them is equipped with a track, and the window cleaning machine reciprocates along the track while