Construction points of roof rail type window cleaning machine

- Jan 21, 2019-

The roof rail type window cleaning machine is connected to the building structural board through the rail system, and the gauge distance is generally 0.8 to 4.0 m, and the two rails can be arranged in one plane or not in one plane. The track system of the track type window cleaner consists of a base, a connecting piece and a track.


Before the structure is capped, the height of the base should be more than 80mm above the roof surface layer, the base should be 1500~2500mm, and the base embedded part should be a piece of 10~16mm thick embedded steel plate and 4 The root φ16 or φ20 anchor bolts are used to complete the installation and fixing of the entire base.


After the foundation is completed, all the embedded steel plates are adjusted to the same plane by adjusting the nuts on the embedded bolts. After the secondary grout fills the gaps, the embedded steel plates are fixed, and finally the rails are fixed on the embedded steel plates by rail joints. The roof rail type window cleaner track adopts I-shaped steel or H-shaped steel. Generally, the track is directly welded to the embedded steel plate. After the track is installed, the base and the roof are uniformly