Construction platform has two brakes

- May 25, 2019-

The construction platform  has a structural negative force self-locking and switchable safety lock safety protection mechanism, and has an independent safety rope. The operator does not have to deliberately operate. There are two brake devices in the protection and safety lock to set the platform  tilt angle to the regulation. Within the scope. The manual downslope of the building platform  can be smoothly lowered when the power supply is lost due to power failure, and the construction platform  operator can safely reach the ground.


When the falling speed of the building platform  exceeds the defined safe speed, the centrifugal deceleration device is started to slow down the lower speed; when the construction platform  equipment exceeds the manually set upper limit, the power supply is automatically cut off and the alarm bell is activated; if the construction platform  motor is used If an abnormal condition or circuit abnormality causes the motor to encounter an overload, disconnect the contactor's control loop to disconnect the main circuit.


At the end of each day's work, clean the platform , wire ropes and suspension mechanisms of the construction baskets, and clean up all kinds of garbage, paint and surface adhesion mortar impurities. The platform  should be waterproof and moisture-proof to prevent electrical short circuit caused by moisture ingress. The safety rope self-locking device should be inspected and maintained after each use to ensure the next safe