Construction of track-type window cleaner with attached wall

- May 30, 2020-

The window cleaner track is arranged up and down along the inside of the parapet, and the embedded parts are composed of a 10~16mm thick embedded steel plate and six φ16 or φ20 embedded steel bars. Fix the embedded steel bar with the embedded steel plate with a nut. When casting the parapet, the track embedded parts are integrated with the parapet. The surface of the embedded steel plate is equal to the concrete. After the pre-buried construction is completed, the other steps are the same as the horizontal rail type.

In addition to the above horizontal rail points, the following points should be noted in the design and installation of the track system of the aircraft:

①The wall structure must have sufficient height, thickness and strength, otherwise it will affect the safety of the window cleaning machine because it cannot meet the anchor length of the embedded parts. The base should be installed on the structural wall or thicker as far as possible in conjunction with the building structure. The daughter's wall to reduce the impact of the window cleaner load on the roof structure;

②The connection of the track must be polished smoothly, and the end of the track should be provided with an end baffle with a thickness of not less than 10mm;

③ Sufficient height must be set aside for the equipment to walk, and the space occupied by the decoration of the building must be fully considered to prevent the lower part from touching the roof when the equipment is walking or colliding with the building when the suspended platform retracts the roof.