Construction of horizontal track type window cleaner

- Mar 09, 2020-

The track-type window cleaner is connected to the building structural panel through the track system. The gauge is generally 0.8-4.0m. The two tracks can be set on one plane or not on one plane. The track system consists of three parts: the base, the connecting piece and the track. Pouring the window-cleaning machine base before the structural capping, the height of the base should be more than 80mm higher than the roof layer, the base should be one every 1500-2500mm, and the embedded parts of the base should consist of a 10-16mm thick embedded steel plate and 4 It is composed of φ16 or φ20 anchor bolts. After the construction of the base is completed, all the embedded steel plates are adjusted to the same plane by adjusting the nuts on the embedded bolts. After filling the gap with the second grouting, the embedded steel plates are fixed, and finally the rail connection is used ( Pressure plate) to fix the track on the embedded steel plate. I-beam steel or H  steel is used for the window cleaning machine track. Generally, the track is directly welded to the embedded steel plate. After the track installation is completed, the base and the roof are uniformly waterproofed.