Cables should be protected at the window cleaning platform armrests

- May 10, 2019-

The cable should be protected from tensile measures at the handrail of the window cleaning platform. During the operation, pay close attention to whether the cable is hung by the wall. If it is caught, it should not be hard pulled. The upper and lower movable baskets should be used to relax the cable, and the cable can be operated after being excluded. When the basket descends 50 cm from the ground, it should stop to check whether the cable and wire rope are pressed by the basket, and then the ground can be lowered.


When the window cleaning platform is stopped, the power switch of the control box must be pulled. When the machine is closed, not only the power of the control box should be turned off, but also the power supply gate is cut off, so that the cable is not energized. Regardless of the weather, the motor and electrical box must be tightly wrapped with a tarpaulin when you are working. Before going to work, the tarpaulin should be removed and stacked before starting.


Always pay attention to the damage caused by the window cleaning platform cable, and timely use the insulating tape to wrap the damage to prevent the copper wire from being exposed to fire. Of course, in addition to the cable, the state of the other accessory parts of the window cleaning platform must also be taken seriously to ensure that it is