BMU design principle

- Aug 29, 2019-

1) Safety: The window cleaning machine is a non-standard equipment for manned at high altitude. Safety is a prerequisite to be considered in the design.

2) Reliability: It is generally installed on the roof of a building. It is wind and rain for many years. The designed transmission mechanism, supporting power components (motor, reducer), electrical components, etc., must withstand the harsh environment. And long-term use.

3) Economical: The price of a single unit is generally between 60,000 and 400,000 US dollars. The price of a complicated window cleaning machine is 700,000 to 140 US dollars. If the equipment meets the requirements of safety and reliability, it must be economical. practical.

4) Meet the bearing requirements of the building: the weight of the window cleaning machine is generally 3000~25 000kg, and the large self is more than 50,000kg. When designing the scheme, it is necessary to coordinate with the building architect to make it meet the building load requirements and reserve its walking passage.

5) Coordination with the building: its design should take into account the service, function, structural characteristics and architectural style of the building, and try not to affect the uniformity, integrity and sensory architectural art of the exterior wall decorative surface. effect.