Basic structure of roof fixed BMU

- Nov 23, 2018-

The roof fixed window cleaning machine runs along the track at the top of the building and uses the guiding action of the track to walk to the required position. At the same time, the roof fixed window cleaning machine uses the single-tube multi-layer hoisting mechanism to move the working crane up and down. Allow the gondola to reach any height position on the outer wall of the building.


It can be seen that the roof fixed window cleaning machine comprises a track, a main machine trolley, a walking system, a swing system, an electric control system, a safety system, a gondola and the like. The track is arranged on the roof floor, adopts a double-line structure, and is wound in a circle according to the shape of the building. It is as close as possible to the parapet wall to reduce the extension length of the boom.


The main trolley mechanism of the roof fixed window cleaning machine is installed on the roof rail, and can walk anywhere in the track by the walking mechanism. The whole machine adopts a safe and reliable full balance design, so that the whole window cleaning machine runs smoothly and stably. . The walking system includes two sets of active walking wheels and two sets of driven wheels and a stable frame bottom frame. The four sets of walking wheels are provided with an anti-tip mechanism and a track guiding mechanism, and the window cleaning machine is equipped with a rail tracker, when not in use , the device can be firmly fixed on the track.


The slewing system of the roof fixed window cleaning machine is divided into a boom slewing mechanism and a dovetail slewing mechanism. Through the alternate use of the two mechanisms, the distance between the working hoist and the wall and the various angles of the hoist can be adjusted to cater for changes. Wall. The safety system is a roof-mounted BMU that adds one or more auxiliary functions depending on the specific requirements of the building.