Assembly process of window cleaning suspension platform

- Mar 24, 2019-

The window cleaning suspension platform is a kind of working equipment used in high-altitude construction projects. The motor drives the working platform to lift and lower, which is convenient for the construction workers to carry out the construction work. In the process of constructing the window cleaning suspension platform, the assembly of the working platform generally pays attention to What time is it.


The first is to place the bottom of the column, and put the three columns at a flat shape on the flat ground. The cross sections are close to each other and aligned. Then install the bar, take a high bar and insert it into the upper part of the bar, and install M8×65 fixing bolts in the middle position. Insert other columns in the same way. M12 x 140 bolts are placed at the joint of the two adjacent columns and the columns. If it is difficult to load, gently shake the bar to align its holes.


Then install the window to clean the head frame of the suspension platform, and place the head frame on both ends of the working platform so that the side with the roller on the "L" plate faces the working platform. The two ends of the work platform were lifted slightly by two people and loaded with M12×130 bolts to install the other headstock in the same manner.


The hoist will then be carried into the window cleaning suspension platform and placed vertically at both ends of the work platform. Unscrew the two M10×100 connecting bolts and remove the connecting pin. Then lift the hoist into the head mount. Install the safety lock into the two "L" shaped splints at the top of the headstock with the roller end facing the work platform.


An electrical box is mounted in the middle of the high-strip, with the button side facing the work platform. Remove the L-shaped hook and re-install it to hook it to the railing. Fix the limit line on the safety lock, connect the motor cable to the electrical box, connect the handle cable to the electrical box, and connect the main power cable to the electrical