Advantages of bridge platform and safety self-locking device

- Aug 28, 2018-

According to the needs of customers, a special equipment for bridge maintenance engineering specially developed and produced, which is the bridge platform, thus filling the market gap of bridge maintenance equipment in China. The bridge suspend platform equipment has a compact structure, is less fabricated by the bridge structure, and has flexible work, and can detect the under construction bridge, and can also raise the internal structure of the construction bridge.


The bridge suspend platform adopts the channel type working platform, which has good stability and strong carrying capacity. The price is lower than that of the line-type bridge inspection vehicle. Its basic structure fully embodies the folding arm type truck-mounted crane and the characteristics of the aerial work vehicle. . There are many fittings of this kind in the suspend platform of the bridge. Such fittings are beneficial to the suspend platform to better perform its function.


For example, the safety self-locking device only needs to fix the safety lock on the suspend platform of the bridge, and is placed on the safety wire rope. When the lifting is normal, the safety lock can be lifted along the safety wire rope of the bridge . In case the platform falls off, the safety lock can automatically lock the platform on the safety wire rope.


This kind of safety lock is convenient, safe and reliable, and hangs the load-bearing steel wire rope and safety rope on the roof beam. The operation sequence and construction method. The bridge platform is first assembled on the ground into a platform frame with a reverse chain, and then the wire rope is assembled. The guide rope hole that passes through the hoist is inserted and pressed in the direction of the hook, and the forward handle is pulled back and forth, so that the bridge can be raised by the suspend platform , and the handle can be lowered by pulling back and forth.