About the installation safety inspection of the suspension platform

- Aug 02, 2019-

The connection between the wire rope and the suspension beam of the suspension platform shall prevent the cutting of the wire rope; and the platform shall be connected to the snap ring. When the hook is used, there is a safety device to prevent the wire rope from appearing. Staff should be equipped with seat belts and the seat belt should not be attached to the sling to prevent the rope from rising.

When the suspension platform is in operation, non-operators shall not stay in the hanging basket; other workers shall not enter the basket before the basket is lifted; in the process of lifting, it is not allowed to collide with the building; before the dismantling and use of the suspension platform, the construction is responsible People should conduct specific training for construction workers. 

After installing the suspension platform, a safe operation test shall be carried out and the sensitivity and reliability of the safety device shall be tested. After each lifting, it should be carried out when the acceptance confirmation meets the requirements; the wire rope must be perpendicular to the ground and not tilted, either during the lifting process or at the position of the basket. If the basket needs to move laterally, place the basket on the ground, relax the sling, change the position of the top cantilever, and lift the basket.