A complete set of installation procedures for window cleaner accessories

- Mar 21, 2019-

After the window cleaner accessories are unpacked, check the number of parts in each box according to the shipping list in the box. Check each component for any abnormalities such as damage or deformation. Then insert the plunger into the triangular front bracket sleeve. According to the height of the parapet, the height of the plunger is adjusted within the range of 1.15 - 1.75 meters, and the bolt is fixed to complete the front seat installation.


Insert the plunger into the rear bracket. The height of the plunger is equal to the height of the front bracket plunger and is bolted to complete the rear seat installation. Install the front beam and the rear beam into the insert sleeve of the front and rear brackets respectively, connect the front beam and the rear beam with the middle beam, and select the overhang of the front beam according to the site conditions. The distance between the front and rear brackets should be placed. Larger, place the upper post on the plunger sleeve of the front seat. The small connecting sleeve is placed on the plunger sleeve of the rear bracket, bolted, and the bracket is assembled.


Whether the window cleaner accessories are installed or displaced, the suspension mechanism must meet the anti-overturning. Fix one end of the wire rope with the roller of the connecting sleeve on the front beam, tighten the wire rope clamp, open the end of the sling screw buckle, hook the rear bracket to the pin of the small connecting sleeve, and the other end of the wire rope to the pillar sheave, After passing through the closed end of the rigging screw buckle, the wire rope clamp is used to fix the screw of the screw buckle, so that the reinforcing wire rope is tight.


The working wire rope and the safety rope are respectively fixed on the front beam wire rope hanging plate according to the above method, and the upper limit block is installed at the appropriate place of the safety wire. Check that the above parts are installed correctly, especially if the wire rope clamps are installed as required. After confirming the error, the suspension mechanism is exiled to the working position, the front hanging plate extends out of the working surface by about 60 cm, and the inner measuring distance of the front beam of the two suspension mechanisms is equal to the length of the working platform. The counterweight is placed on the rear seat on average and the anti-theft bolts are tightened. Slowly lower the working wire rope and safety wire rope.www.chinagondola.com