A brief talk on the development of window-cleaning machine products

- Jul 23, 2018-

In terms of its window-cleaning machine, it is in fact a high operating hanging basket on the basis of a direct development of a product.

For the foreign developed countries of the window-cleaning machine products, it is actually the development of the earlier, such as in Germany, Japan, Belgium, and Norway and other countries, successive from the early 60 has gradually formed a product series of our own. For our country, it is in fact in the 80-90 years, in our country a number of high-rise high-grade buildings, for most of them is designed by foreign architects, in the architectural design, has also considered the installation of window cleaning machine, so you can choose a lot of foreign window cleaning machine products,

This view for its building after the cleaning of the external walls, and its maintenance and other operations will also lay a series of good foundation. For Beijing, Shanghai, as well as Guangzhou and other large cities in the high-grade buildings to see, in most of them, is actually installed a window cleaning machine equipment. But in the domestic terms, it is in fact a considerable number of high-end high-rise buildings, because the design of the time, did not consider the design of the window-cleaning machine, so for the cleaning machine equipment is no way to install, so, it will give later cleaning and maintenance more inconvenient consequences.