9.The solution of work wire rope sticking in roof rail type BMU working

- Sep 06, 2019-

9. Loose wire ropes, partial bulging deformations or adhesive coatings, cement, colloids or jumping off the pulleys can cause the wire rope to become stuck in the rail-type window cleaning machine, causing serious failure.

At this point, the operator should stop the operation of the orbital window cleaner. It is strictly forbidden to repeat the lifting operation to eliminate dangerous situations or continue to operate. This not only does not eliminate the danger, but also causes further damage to the equipment. The weight of the wire rope cut off in the machine may cause a drop at one end and even cause personal injury.

When there is a rope failure in the rail-type window cleaner, the personnel inside the machine should remain calm. First, according to the emergency stop button, stop the operation, evacuate the gondola on the premise of ensuring safety, and send professionally trained maintenance personnel to the gondolas for evacuation risk. The large ropes on the roof of the roof can also be transported into the gondola. The staff in the gondola will first land smoothly with safety locks and large ropes, and then be handled by professional maintenance personnel or equipment manufacturers.